Chanelle Laurence is a Digital Influencer, Consultant, Social Media Manager and Branding Specialist.

Over the past 7 years she’s gained experience as both a fashion blogger and a brand, giving her a unique point of view and well-rounded knowledge of how to market and grow a brand. Aside from her fashion blog, The Penelope Times, Chanelle has started two fashion companies from the ground up: Penelope’s Vintage and Valley High.

Penelope’s Vintage is an online vintage clothing store which has provided Chanelle not only with market knowledge but also insights into how to run a company. More recently, Chanelle has applied her experience to Valley High, a women’s clothing brand that she and her boyfriend and business partner launched in February 2015.

Aside from her own business ventures’, Chanelle has freelanced for multiple companies. By creating trend reports, content and performing blogger outreach to name a few, these positions help provide more depth to her knowledge of the fashion industry.

Chanelle started her own creative media company to provide brands with knowledge of social media marketing and the blogging industry from someone who has first-hand experience in this area and can generate innovative ideas, not a firm that follows standard procedures. Chanelle believes that every company has different needs and should have its own unique digital strategy in order to set itself apart and grow at a more rapid pace.

From consulting to being hired out as a fashion blogger, Chanelle has experience providing a wide range of services that can aid brands in target marketing, increasing the quality of their content, creating a digital strategy and any other digital marketing needs the company might need.